What types of pets do you treat?

At Loop 410 Veterinary Hospital, we serve dogs and cats.

What is AAHA?

Loop 410 Veterinary Hospital has been a member of the American Animal Hospital Association since 1958. This is a national association which has established a high set of standards for its member hospitals. Every 3 years we go through a rigorous inspection to be sure we are maintaining these standards.

AAHA Standards:
  • Accurate Record Keeping
  • Complete Diagnostic Capabilities
  • Proper Anesthetic Procedures
  • Surgical Procedures
  • Concern for Preventive Medicine
  • Complete Pharmaceutical Facilities
  • Emergency Service
  • Dental Care
  • Nursing Care
  • Properly Maintained Environment
In 2008 Dr. Ray traveled to Tampa Bay, Florida to accept AAHA’s Commitment To Excellence award on behalf of Loop 410 Veterinary Hospital. This award recognized Loop 410’s 50 years as AAHA members as well as the hospitals dedication and commitment to the community.

What is Loop 410’s story?

Dr. Ray Trimmier grew up helping with his father’s veterinary clinic and decided to pursue a career as a veterinarian. He received his degree in veterinary medicine in 1984 and worked as an emergency vet until 1989. At that time Dr. Trimmier began working alongside his father at Loop 410 Veterinary Hospital. His priority is the health and happiness of his patients, and it shows every day! Our other veterinarian, Ann Macfarland, knew from an early age that she wanted to care for animals professionally. She joined the Loop 410 staff in 1984 while she went to school to be a veterinarian. In 1990 Dr. Macfarland earned her degree, and in 1997 she became a co-owner of our animal hospital in San Antonio. When she is not helping patients, she loves spending time with her husband, dog, and 5 cats.